Quickest Way To Get C-Arm Rental

Emergency C-Arm Rentals: Why Is It Better Than Purchasing One?

What are the benefits of C-Arm rentals?

Emergency C-Arm rentals offer faster and more cost-efficient ways of taking advantage of having x-ray technology without going through the hassle of purchasing one. A C-arm system is often used in the healthcare field to help monitor and track treatment progress in real-time through a series of high-resolution images. The said equipment is being used in the healthcare sector for a while and has been known to help increase patient recovery and more accurate treatment results.

Emergency C-Arm Rentals

If this is so important, then why should you go for rentals instead of making a purchase? It’s simple. New and old healthcare sectors may be faced with budget restrictions and sometimes, getting a brand new unit is out of the question. The good news is, rentals make it easier to bring this technology to your field because of long-term payment obligations.

One may opt to rent a C-arm whether for short-term, long-term or during an emergency situation. The sector may perform a test run and see how their “client-base” responds with the new facility, and use the income generated from the rented machine towards the rental payment, facility improvement, and purchase a C-arm shortly.

Emergency C-arm rentals have been made available to everyone within a 500-mile radius of Salt Lake City with a 24-48 hour turnaround. For those outside the said radius, delivery and rentals are still available but make sure that you check and request for delivery quotations as rates may vary depending on which state you’re from.

There are different types of C-arms available depending on how the facility intends to use them. For emergency purposes, there are limited options to choose from. If your facility intends to use it for the long-term, be sure to check out other types along with the pricing plan that suits your facility’s budget and needs.