Owning a Private Business: The Benefits

How to Use Payment Processing

A private business is a big investment. With the cost of rent, utilities, equipment and employees all adding up to create a substantial overhead expense, it’s easy to see how many people are deterred from starting their own company. One way to reduce these costs is by using payment processing platforms like Bluesnap for your credit card transactions; this will allow you to save on transaction fees and avoid expensive merchant accounts altogether.

-You’ll be able to save money by using a payment processing platform like Bluesnap instead of opening up your own merchant account, which can easily cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars in set-up fees alone

The benefits include saving on transaction fees with credit card transactions as well as avoiding the expense of setting up a larger business’ merchant account altogether. With Bluesnap you won’t have to worry about disappearing rates or lost revenue from declined payments; it’s all taken care of for you automatically through one simple monthly fee


It was time consuming at first but now I don’t mind running my business so much because I know that everything is taken care of behind the scenes when it comes to accepting credit card.

Taking care of your clients, who are your business, is the most important thing. If you don’t take care of them they will not be happy with their service and it may make customers question whether or not to use this company again in the future

For example, if a customer makes $200 worth of purchases at my store through credit card I get charged around 55 cents per transaction which means that for every 200 transactions I do on average -$11-$13 goes towards payment processing fees alone

-However by using an online payment processor like Bluesnap, one fee covers all these costs and includes everything from accepting payments over the phone or email as well as managing multiple locations throughout whatever country you’re based in.