Kastking Blackhawk

What You Need To Know About The KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod

The next time you hit the trail or road, the KastKing BlackHawk fishing rod may become your next best friend. The game-changing innovation and design have made the BlackHawk II the most convenient, fastest, and easiest method to enjoy fishing. You won’t have to worry about space again, since this rod packs down to just 21″ in length so that it fits easily into a briefcase, backpack, car, boat, or bicycle.

Kastking Blackhawk

The secret to these unique travel rods has to do with a revolutionary Soloscopic Performance Technology that comes with several float guides that enhances casting performance, eliminates dead or flat spots, and delivers a consistent and smooth taper.

Snug-Fit ferrules also deliver full-length power transition, along with the KastFlex Technology with Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank. These rods also come with an updated solid-glass tip section that provides strength, power, and durability. The impressive Floating Guide System allows users to contract or expand their rods in a few seconds. The perfect mix of floating and fixed guides allows the rod to shrink down to a much smaller version of its actual working length and still provides improved line presentation, casting control, and to deal with powerful fish.

You will also never have to worry about removing the line from your guides again, which means you are always prepared as you hit the waters. KastKing BlackHawk II is not just convenient but is also a performance rod made from 24-ton, high-modulus Toray carbon-fiber blanks that are sensitive yet strong. The unique and innovative design makes these fishing rods feel and perform like one of your favorite 1 or 2-piece fishing rods.

The latest glass tip provides strength and durability. There are 14 different actions and lengths available in the KastKing BlackHawk II series, offering you a variety of choices so that you can find a rod to match up to your situation.