Expressing Emotions

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Every person has smartphones on which they have social networks, where they can share their status, whether they are happy or sad. Sad shayari status can be shared on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. You can also find statuses with specific images. On this page you can read many statuses related to pain, breakup, death, broken heart and choose it for your social networks. Visit us and share it with your friends on WhatsApp.

Sad Shayari Status

Sometimes people face various problems related to a boyfriend or girlfriend when they are separated and enter a nice collection of sad statuses in Yiddish or English, where they can be found in one of them. That way, people can share their grief with someone, talk to someone who calls them after that status. Sad statuses can upset a person who is broken at heart, and who is sad a lot. There are a lot of things that make us sad, so you can share them on all kinds of social networks. Pain and suffering should not be kept to themselves, in order for people to remain mentally healthy. Never be afraid of what someone will say to you about the status you share, whether they are happy or sad.

Sad shayari status is there to help you find yourself in the one that was written. Share it on some of the social networks. Let your story be heard by as many people around the world.